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Product Information

R&S Manufacturing Product Cut Sheets:

Pass Door In Curtain
Thermal Guard Door
Counter Fire Door
Aluminum Counter Door
Standard Duty Door
Heavy Duty Service Door

LiftMaster Commercial Door Operator Cut Sheets:

H Industrial-Duty Hoist Operator
GH Heavy Industrial-Duty Gear-Reduced Hoist Operator
T Industrial-Duty Trolley Operator
SD Heavy Industrial-Duty Slide Operator
3950 Jackshaft Door Operator for Commercial Rolling Sheet Door Applications

LiftMaster Gate Operator Cut Sheets:

LA412 Residential Solar Powered Swing Gate Operator
LA500 Residential/Light Commercial DC Linear Actuator
SL3000UL Commercial Slide Gate Operator
CSW24V High Traffic Residential/Commercial Swing Gate Operator with Battery Backup
CSL24V High Traffic Residential/Commercial Slide Gate Operator with Battery Backup

LiftMaster Residential Garage Door Operators:

8500 Elite Series DC Battery Backup Capable Wall Mount Garage Door Opener
8557 Elite Series 3/4 HP Belt Drive Garage Door Opener
8550 Elite Series DC Battery Backup Belt Drive Garage Door Opener
8360 Premium Series DC Battery Backup Capable Chain Drive Garage Opener.
8355 Premium Series 1/2 HP Belt Drive Garage Door Opener
8587 Elite Series 3/4 HP Chain Drive Garage Door Opener
8360 Premium Series DC Battery Backup Capable Chain Drive Garage Door Opener
3265-267 Premium Series 1/2 HP Chain Drive Garage Door Opener
3255 1/2 HP Chain Drive Garage Door Opener
1355 1/2 HP Chain Drive Garage Door Opener
3240 Premium Series 1/2 HP Screw Drive Garage Door Opener

DoorKing Products:

1835 Telephone  Entry and Access Control
1838 Access Control
1812 Access Plus Residential Telephone Entry and Access Control
9100 Commercial Slide Gate Operator
9150 Commercial Slide Gate Operator
6100 Residential/Commercial Swing Gate Operator
6300 Commercial/Industrial Swing Gate Operator

Linear Products:

AE-2000 Four Door/Gate Telephone Entry System with Access Control, Large Screen
AE-1000 Four Door/Gate Telephone Entry System with Access Control 
AE-500 Two Door/Gate Telephone Entry System
AE-100 One Door/Gate Telephone Entry System
RE Series Residential Telephone Entry System
AM3 Access Controller for up to Four Doors/Gates

HySecurity Gate Operators:

SwingSmart DC Swing Gate Operator
SlideSmart DC Slide Gate Operator

DBCI Commercial Steel Curtain Roll-Up Doors:

2000 Series Commercial Door
2500 Series Heavy Duty Commercial Door
650 Series Self Storage 

Paxton Access:

Net2 Plus Access Control Panel
Net2 Entry Video Intercom and Access Control

Dynaco High Speed Doors:

Streamline TDS High Speed Door
Slim Line Food Interior Food Environment
Slimline Techno Small to Medium Interior High Speed Door
Slim Line Pharma Interior Pharmaceutical Environment
M2B Basic High Speed Door
M2-M3 High Speed  Power Doors
AWM2-AWM3 All Weather High Speed Door

Rytec High Speed Doors:

Bantam Manually-Operated Break-Away™ Rolling Door for Docks
Clean-Roll High-Speed Hygienic Rolling Door for Wash Down Applications
Fast-Fold High-Speed Folding Door for Interior and Exterior Industrial Applications
Fast-Fold Freezer High-Speed Folding Door for Cooler and Freezer Applications
Fast-Seal High-Speed Rolling Door with Break-Away™ Bar for Large Openings
Pharma-Seal High-Speed Rolling Door for cGMP and Class-Rated Applications
Plexline Advanced Composites for Function cGMP and Class-Rated Applications
Plexline_Clean Advanced Composites for Advanced Form and Function
Powerhouse SD The World’s First Release & Restore™ Rubber Door
Powerhouse_XL High Performance Rolling Rubber Door Ideal for Industrial Applications
Predadoor_NXT High Performance Rolling Door for Interior and Exterior Applications
Spiral High-Speed Rigid Rolling Door for High Security, High Traffic and High Design
Spiral_FV Highest-Speed Rigid Rolling Door with Full View for Secured Applications
Spiral_HZ High-Speed Rigid Rolling Door for Security in High-Wind/Hurricane Zones
Spiral_LH-HZ High Performance Low Headroom Hurricane Zone Door
Spiral_LH Rigid Rolling Door for Speed and Security in Low Headroom Applications
Spiral_VT Perforated Slats Allow Air Flow and Partial Visibility
Turbo-Seal_Freezer World’s Fastest Rolling Door for High Traffic Cooler and Freezers
Turbo-Seal World’s Fastest Rolling Door for High Traffic Applications
Turbo-Seal_Insulated The World’s Fastest, Most Energy Efficient, Insulated Door
Turbo-Seal SR World’s Fastest, Most Durable, Self-Repairing Door
Wynd Star MT High Performance Car Wash Door

Alarm Lock:

Alarm-Lock-DL1200 Narrow Style Keypad/Prox
Alarm-Lock-PL3000 Prox Only with Audit Trail
Alarm-Lock-PDL3000 Prox and Keypad with Audit Trail
Alarm-Lock-DL3200 High Capacity Advanced Audit Trail
Alarm-Lock-DL3000 Advanced Audit Trail
Alarm-Lock-DL2800 Keypad with Audit Trail
Alarm-Lock-DL2700 Standalone Keypad

apitQ Card Readers

aptiQ Multi-Technology Card Readers